License Plate Borders- We're eyeballing some prices on license plate borders. Why? Why the fuck not! Those things are goofy as hell. We're thinking of having a little fan contest to decide on what they'll say. Right now we're working with:


God Bless Em'

Old School Stocking Caps-We just order some hand embroidered old style stocking caps that should be in before the end of October. There will only be a limited supply of these 44-52 so you'll wanna be on the look out for the release date.

UPDATE!!!!!!!!- Hats are in baby baby!! They are rad as shit!

Expected price is currently $20

3/4 Baseball Tee- We have been granted a one of a kind design by our dude and tattoo artist Scott Santee to slap on some 3/4 sleeve raglan tops. They will be available in white with red, navy, and black sleeves. They're going to be rad as hell. 

UPDATE!!!!!!! Shirts will be done NOV. 4 and the mock ups are nutso beans!!

Expected price is somewhere between $20-25. It depends on how many colors we're screen printing it.